KMAA Featured Artist

KMAA featured Artist: Debra BillowThe Spot Gallery
May 4 - June 16, 2019


Debra Bilow (American, born 1955) photographs still life compositions, buildings, and landscapes.  Her images are rendered in an understated color palette and printed on a small, intimate scale. Her work is minimal, restrained, and formal. She lives and works in Brooklyn and South Salem, New York.


Debra Bilow, Ghost White Form, 2019 Archival pigment print, © Debra Bilow
Artist Statement:

I grew up in a 19th century farmhouse in Upstate New York, surrounded by fields planted with wheat or corn in the summer, their remnants snow-covered in the winter. As an adult I seek solace in space where I can move freely and unencumbered. Accordingly, I photograph the landscape with which I identify: open spaces, large agricultural fields, and broad rural vistas.

Although my images continue to be grounded in formality and simplicity, I introduced chance, through motion, into this series. I traveled by train this past winter to the snowier parts of New York State and Canada photographing the landscape through the window. The snow offered a minimal foreground on cloudy days, a visual shield during a storm, and wisps of white on tree branches.

My aim was to witness quiet winter landscapes as a passerby and see where happenstance would take my photographs. Resting landscape became fluid moments.