KMAA Featured Artist

KMAA Featured Artist: Mitche Kunzman
Spot Gallery:  March 17 – June 16, 2019

The Radical Borderlands

The landscape can be beautiful and it can be terrifying. Even in the Twenty-First Century - raw nature without the protective veneer of civilization may still provoke a deep-seated fear - just as it certainly had before the development of towns and cities. 

The landscape will always be filled with dangers and perils because we are not yet winged spiritual beings - rather mortal and connected to the earth - and always at risk from the hazards of the world.   Deep down we know this.

And there is nothing we connect to more universally than the ordinary earth that we stand upon - the land is the glue that binds every human. There is nothing more commonplace than landscape and paradoxically nothing more profound. 

There are no truly straight lines in nature - they are a conceptual borderland - a radical abstract overlay that we place upon nature. Radical because human borders can change in an instant - as opposed to the eternal landscape where change is measured in millennia. The abstractions in these paintings suggest an otherwise unseen human presence - linear and measurable - outside the realm of nature. 

Mitche Kunzman, A personal mythology, 2019

Mitche Kunzman
Meru (the axis of the world)
oil and wax on canvas
30 x 30 in.