How can you get the most from your Museum visit?

We are dedicated to meeting the educational needs of all visiting groups and offer a variety of ways for you to expand and deepen your use of Museum resources. The KMA has developed programs based on thoughtful collaboration with schools and community organizations that can be tailored to meet your needs. 


Consider these unique Museum Education opportunities
  • Thinking Through Art
    Thinking Through Art represents a new chapter in museum education. This multi-session program engages students’ looking, writing, critical thinking, and artistic skills. It involves a structured series of classes, which use the KMA galleries as a “visual learning lab,” followed by writing and revision workshops in the classroom with KMA’s Writer in Residence, and culminates with student readings and an art exhibition.



  • Beyond First Visits 
    Intended for first-time museum visitors, this lively, hands-on introduction to the KMA ensures the success of an initial visit. One or more pre-visit programs are held off-site at school or community-based organizations. Head Start, early childhood, and family literacy programs value this form of personalized outreach. The program may include “reading” pictures together, hands-on art activities, and discussions about museums and the role of art in our lives.
  • Arte Juntos – Art Together
    This dynamic Museum and school program is designed collaboratively to enrich family learning through art at school, at home, and in the Museum. In a nine-session program children and parents develop language and literacy skills through viewing, discussing, and creating art. The culminating event is a Family Day at KMA where parents and children engage with art together.

       Made possible with a federal grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

  • Smart Girls at the Katonah Museum of Art
    In collaboration with community organizations, this innovative program engages girls, ages 8 – 15 in the world of art.  Participants spend twelve weeks learning about art, making art, exploring museum careers, and training to become exhibition tour guides.  Along with public speaking skills, the girls develop interview skills and learn to express their thoughts through poetry and the visual arts. 

    See the 2012 Smart Girls from the Mount Kisco Boys & Girls Club at the KMA. Click link here.

    Made possible with grants from the Yudelson Foundation, the Shana Alexander Foundation, Eileen Fisher, and Sara Lee Schupf.

  • Special Needs Group Visits
    The KMA has a strong history of working with underserved groups in Westchester County including hospitals, group homes, and community-based organizations. Visits are collaboratively planned to meet the physical, developmental, and educational needs of every group.
  • Professional Development
    Use the KMA for your next professional development day. Programs may include an introduction to the Museum as a resource for teachers; a first-hand experience of our Thinking Through Art program; or consider collaborating on a program which uses the content of current exhibitions to support your curriculum.

Contact the Education Department to discuss these programs or other collaborative visions. 914-232-9555, ext 2969.