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Inside the Outside: Five Self-Taught Artists from the William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation

Essays by Karen Wilkin and Trenton Doyle Hancock
Forward by William Louis-Drefyus

The “self-taught” genre remains one of the most complex and intriguing themes in modern and contemporary art – a concept that has been discussed, debated, and vetted from a wide variety of vantage points. By identifying a select group of artists to consider within this rubric, the exhibition, Inside the Outside, examines the vastly different realities that can inspire an individual to create ambitious and lasting artworks that do not fit neatly into the trends of mainstream art practice. From the stark figurative silhouettes of Bill Traylor to the dense and colorful compositions of Nellie Mae Rowe, the works in the exhibition do not possess a single style or preoccupation but rather evidence the deep and profound expression of a personal vision that perseveres over the lifetimes of these artists.

This catalogue printed on the occasion of Inside the Outside, includes essays by Karen Wilkin and Trenton Doyle Hancock, investigating the individual artists and their contributions.

58 pages with 53 color reproductions



Lethal Beauty: Samurai Weapons and Armor

By Andreas Marks

Deadly weaponry and artistic ingenuity are celebrated in Lethal Beauty, a collection that explores the evolution of the warrior aesthetic unique to samurai history and artistry. The samurai are universally renowned warriors. Tales of their heroics have enchanted listeners since the 12th century, and perhaps more than any other warrior class in history, they continue to fascinate people of all backgrounds, cultures, and ages. Lethal Beauty provides a fascinating look at the striking duality of weaponry and artistic innovation that are an integral part of the samurai.

Dr. Andreas Marks showcases a comprehensive range of 63 exceptional works by 30 master craftsmen. The exhibition which this book draws from features full suits of armor, helmets, warrior hats, face masks, long and short swords, daggers, matchlock rifles, and more. The range of blades spans from the 13th to the 20th centuries and highlights technical refinement and exquisite craftsmanship.

ISBN-13: 978-0988349704, 88 Pages



Jasper Johns and John Lund: Masters in the Paint Studio


Eye to I: 3,000 Years of Portraits

By Ellen Keiter, Yvonne Pollack, Belinda Roth, Eric R. Kandel, Nancy Hitchcock
90-page full color catalogue from the Katonah Museum exhibition: Eye to I: 3000 Years of Portraits.


This beautiful catalogue traces the progress of the American quilt from the early 19th century to the present day. Six of the quilts in the exhibition were included in “The Twentieth Century’s Best 100 American Quilts,” selected in 1999 by a panel of experts. Jean M. Burks, chief curator of the Shelburne Museum, was guest curator and wrote the informative essay.

The first part of the exhibition presents outstanding examples of traditional patterns including Pincushion, Album, Amish, Mennonite, Hawaiian, Log Cabin and Crazy quilts. The second section is devoted to art quilts by such innovative contemporary artists as Mary Lee Bendolph, Nancy Crow, Cynthia England, Joan Lintault, Paula Nadelstern, and George Siciliano. The illustrations are large and clearly show all details. The catalogue can serve as a guide for the novice, and for the experienced quilter, it is a valuable document.

48 pages, 26 large full-color illustrations; smaller images as well
Price: $20

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