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Steinunn Thorarinsdottir: Horizons (2007) - Brochure No. 53

Steinunn: Horizons is a site-specific installation by Icelandic artist Steinunn Thorarinsdottir, made up of 12 life-size cast iron and glass figures standing precariously among the trees. The figures appear and disappear from behind the trees as you stroll through the Sculpture Garden. The rough surface of these sculptures echoes the texture of the tree trunks, while horizontal bands of transparent glass allow the daylight to show through their lean bodies.

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Ancient Art of the Cyclades (2006) - Catalog No. 52

This exhibition celebrates the much-admired works of art created during the third millennium B.C. by craftsmen of the Cycladic islands of the Aegean Sea. Early Cycladic objects, once viewed as archaeological curiosities, are today a source of widespread fascination and appeal. Their simple lines and spare elegance inspired such modern artists as Brancusi, Modigliani, and Picasso.

Knowledge of Cycladic civilization has been fathomed through its artifacts, since there was no written language to help archaeologists. Curator Dr. Pat Getz-Gentle, an author and scholar who has devoted her professional life to the field, has written the essay for the comprehensive catalogue in which she puts forth the latest findings and her own theories on Early Cycladic culture. 64 pp.

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Wonder Women: Idols in Contemporary Art (2006) - Catalog No. 51

This visual consumption and worship is the subject of Wonder Women: Idols in Contemporary Art, curated by Suzanne Ramljak. Often based on photographs from mass media, artworks by Audrey Flack, David Levinthal, Andy Warhol, and others accentuate or question the traits that define these secular goddesses. Many of the images are of highly recognizable women – Marilyn, Madonna, Barbie – while a few represent cult figures or fantasy characters. Together the works shine a spotlight on the process and trappings of deification, where mere mortals are transformed into beings of mythic stature.

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Andromeda Hotel: The Art of Joseph Cornell (2006) - Catalog No. 50

American artist Joseph Cornell was one of the pioneers of assemblage collage. Most of his works were made from found objects arranged in glass fronted boxes.

Andromeda Hotel is an exhibition of box constructions and collages rarely seen by the public. The objects take on personalities; collectors feel an emotional tie that some describe in almost mystical terms.

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* Case Studies: Art in a Valise (2006) - Catalog No. 49

Many 20th-century artists have used the suitcase as a central element in their art, exploring its various associations, including portability and the pleasures and perils of travel. Case Studies features suitcase-based art by 24 artists. The works explore different types of travel – from vacation and business trips to scientific expeditions – and their implications, both positive (research, escape, pleasure, self-discovery) and negative (exile, danger). Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell inspired many artists in this exhibition, among whom are Joseph Beuys, Mona Hatoum, Christian Marclay, Tony Oursler, and Ernesto Pujol. 15pp.

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