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Andromeda Hotel: The Art of Joseph Cornell (2006) - Catalog No. 50

American artist Joseph Cornell was one of the pioneers of assemblage collage. Most of his works were made from found objects arranged in glass fronted boxes.

Andromeda Hotel is an exhibition of box constructions and collages rarely seen by the public. The objects take on personalities; collectors feel an emotional tie that some describe in almost mystical terms.

Non-members $25.00

Price: $20.00 each


* Case Studies: Art in a Valise (2006) - Catalog No. 49

Many 20th-century artists have used the suitcase as a central element in their art, exploring its various associations, including portability and the pleasures and perils of travel. Case Studies features suitcase-based art by 24 artists. The works explore different types of travel – from vacation and business trips to scientific expeditions – and their implications, both positive (research, escape, pleasure, self-discovery) and negative (exile, danger). Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell inspired many artists in this exhibition, among whom are Joseph Beuys, Mona Hatoum, Christian Marclay, Tony Oursler, and Ernesto Pujol. 15pp.

Non-members $15.00

Price: $10.00 each


I love the Burbs (2006) - Catalog No. 48

Popular media and the arts have traditionally portrayed the suburbs as a two-dimensional reality: either as the utopian land of fulfilled American Dreams (think Leave It to Beaver) or as an alienating black hole of materialism, monotony, and perversity (The Graduate, American Beauty). I love the Burbs presents an expanding discourse on the predominant way of life for most Americans. It includes painting, sculpture, photography, prints, video and installation art. 36pp.

Non-members $25.00



Over + Over: Passion for Process (2005) - Catalog No. 47

Despite our current digital age, many artists are returning to traditional crafts such as needlepoint, hand-beading, crochet, quilting, and collage. The 13 artists represented in Over + Over: Passion for Process have each chosen painstaking, and in some cases extremely tedious working methods. Their intense focus is on a single theme, on a particular collection of unlikely or perhaps discarded material, and on carrying out a process that may have to be repeated thousands of times before a work is completed. The hours devoted to the creative act and the sheer volume of objects contained in a single artwork are astonishing. It is this magical sense of wonderment that appeals to visitors of Over + Over. And yet, despite the often mammoth scale and overwhelming numbers, this is art infused with human presence. Apparently there is still a need for the tactile, physical relationship to objects that the computer keyboard has, in large part, usurped.

Non-members $25.00

Price: $20.00 each


Ilan Averbuch (2005) Brochure No.

Four-page brochure

Price: $1.00 each

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