vanessa german Artist Talk

vanessa german and Christina Knight: In ConversationTuesday, Novermber 9
6:30 – 7:30 PM

Join acclaimed contemporary artist vanessa german, whose work is featured in ARRIVALS, for an illuminating discussion of her community-based artistic practice and the politics that inform it. This program is co-presented with the New York Studio School. Free. Registration required.



vanessa german is a citizen artist creating sculpture, performance, immersive installation and photography that center the earthling’s experience with loving, connection, intimacy, vulnerability and creative power, as definitive Human Technologies. German’s work centers the insistence of heart, Soul, and, loving, as critical engines of shape-shifting and future-making in the dynamic ecosystems of body and community.



Christina Knight is Assistant Professor of Visual Studies at Haverford College as well as the Director of the Visual Studies Program. Knight’s work examines the connection between embodied practices and identity, the relationship between race and the visual field, and the queer imaginary. She is currently completing a book manuscript that focuses on theories of time in representations of the Middle Passage in contemporary American visual art and performance.