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EXTENDED THROUGH DECEMBER 2020KMA Jewelry ShowDecember 2020

Purchase unique wearable works of art online this holiday season. The virtual KMA Jewelry Show encompasses a diverse array of contemporary jewelry from a curated selection of artisans. Representing established international artists, the pieces feature a variety of materials and techniques, including gold, silver, acrylic, glass, steel, porcelain and diamonds.


Artist Hightlights


Tara Locklear

"Harnessing each day with a unique sense of self is what my jewelry collections stand for. My designs—a collaborative effort with my skateboarding community—celebrate the visual and textural history of each of their broken skateboards in the form of jewelry. This material, my jewelry DNA, represents my voice of everyday jewelry: wearable but different."

Inspired by urban landscapes, Tara Locklear’s designs are comprised of industrial and re-purposed materials, which she uses to create a playful visual language in the form of jewelry.  In these conversations, color and texture are more than surface aesthetic qualities; they are emotional connection points from the material to the viewer.  Her affinity for color and bold shapes are a reflection of her years of pop culture influences.



Raluca Buzura
Trained in ceramics, glass, and metal at the University of Art and Design in Romania, Raluca Buzura has focused on contemporary jewelry design since 2009. Interested in challenging the traditional interpretation of jewelry – as adornment, whose value depends on the materials used – she illuminates it as art in its own right.

Buzura’s work is a translation in porcelain of her personal experiences, the traces of which she seeks to obliterate by blurring the boundary between real and abstract. Among the elegant and original beads of her wraparound necklaces (forms that resemble feathers of birds, scales, tentacles, leaves, seeds, arteries, needles, tears and others) gold appears between the black and white enhancing the piece with flashes of light.


Laura Wood
"I make and design sculptural jewelry that is both bold and body-conscious. It is made to be worn and is a celebration of contemporary adornment."

Laura Wood began her career in the arts studying dance which led her to design adornments for the body. Material exploration plays a key role in her visual language as she integrates new technology and processes in her pieces. She strives to enhance the silhouette of the body with bold, sculptural forms. Wood's jewelry is made from brass that is cut, formed, powder coated and occasionally embellished with precious stones and sterling silver. Like a pair of shoes, many of her earring styles are made with a left and a right version, in an attempt to fit the form to the face. Her kinetic elements create movement, reflecting the energy associated therewith, while remaining thoughtful to wearability.