School’s Out/Art’s In

School’s Out/Art’s InSelect school vacation days, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Drop-In
Children: $5 Members, $8 Non-Members. Adults: Regular admission.

Drop in to the Learning Center on select school vacation days for engaging projects exploring line and drawing in a variety of forms. Try still life sketching, wire portraits, painted line, and Matisse-inspired contour drawing. 

Tots with Portraits

Friday, November 11: WIRE PORTRAITURE
(Veteran’s Day)
Use wire as 3D line to create fabulous wire portraits.

Friday, November 25: STILL LIFE DRAWING
(Black Friday)
Practice drawing still lifes inspired by master artists Ellsworth Kelly and Henri Matisse with special pens, markers, and pencils.

(Winter Break)
Create a portrait of yourself, a friend, or family member with elegant lines.

Wednesday, December 28: PAINTED LINE 
(Winter Break)
Experiment with different forms of ink, brush, and squeeze bottle paint to create unique illustrations.

Thursday, December 29: STRING DRAWING 
(Winter Break)
Yarn will be our special drawing material for creating fun images with line.

Friday, December 30: DRAWING WITH SCISSORS 
(Winter Break)
Let your scissors lead the way as colorful papers are cut and collaged to make Matisse-inspired artworks.