Meet Me in Long Island City

Meet Me in Long Island City
Sunday, March 14
12 noon
The KMAA has organized an exciting afternoon for art lovers in Long Island City, Queens. Meet at noon at the Fisher Landau Center for Art for an introduction to this world renowned contemporary collection. After lunch on your own (restaurant suggestions will be provided), the group will reconvene at P.S. 1 to see such exhibitions as: 100 Years, a history of happenings and performance art; 1969, an exhibition of art made during a year marked by revolution and socio-political tumult; and James Turrell’s Meeting, a rooftop room with a rectangular cut directly in the ceiling, exposing the sky.


Reservations required. 30 people maximum.
Free to members, $5 non-members (all participants must pay admission at P.S. 1: $5/$2 seniors)