Commute of the Species Puppet Procession

Collaboration with the Katonah Museum of Art and the MTA Arts for Transit Program
Saturday, May 22, 2:00 PM
MTA Station in Katonah


The leaders of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade are bringing a unique puppetry event to Katonah—and they want YOU to join in!  The Katonah Museum of Art has partnered with Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles of Processional Arts Workshop to design an exciting program for the community.  Commute of the Species will use puppets to chronicle the arrival of invasive animal and plant species in the Hudson River Valley, from Norway rats and gypsy moths to zebra mussels and European starlings. 

On Saturday afternoon, May 22, at prearranged stops along a Harlem line train traveling from Grand Central Terminal, a contingent of puppeteers will board and begin to animate their puppets.  Over the course of the one-hour trip, the train car will be transformed into a dynamic natural history museum as each species appears in order of its historic arrival in the Hudson Valley.  The menagerie will then disembark at Katonah at 1:53 pm and lead a public parade through the village.  The entire community is invited to bring their puppets, costumes, masks, homemade instruments—even bird calls—and participate in this ½ mile procession.  The event is rain or shine. 


March with us in the parade on Saturday, May 22. 



Park in the lot behind the Katonah train station.


1:45 pm Meet at the Katonah gazebo near the train tracks


1:53 pm The train arrives with Commute of the Species onboard


2:00 pm Parade begins!


Join the ½ mile parade


End in the commuter parking lot for cookies and lemonade


This is a delightful opportunity for individuals, families, or friends to perform together.  Bring your own puppets or we can provide some for you.  Don’t miss the FUN! 


For more information, visit the PAW website.