Namaste KMA

Namaste KMASundays, February 24, March 24, April 14, May 19, June 16, 10:30 - 11:45 AM

Escape the stress of your busy week on quiet Sunday mornings at the KMA. Join Katonah Yoga®
instructors before Museum hours for a class and then explore the galleries.

$20 members, $25 non-members. Series of five: $80 members, $100 non-members.
Museum admission included. Please bring a yoga mat and blanket if you have them.

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Katonah Yoga® Instructor Line-up:

February 24: Ellen Sirucci - Ellen has studied and trained with teachers: Nevine Michaan, Abbie Galvin and Harriet Schreger for over 20 years. She is a certified Katonah Yoga Teacher with additional background in dance and movement techniques. Ellen teaches the Katonah Yoga technique in a slow, fluid class with a "hands-on" approach that is suitable for beginners and advanced students alike!

March 24: Alison Grande- teaches Katonah Yoga as a skill with tools and techniques to develop one’s stability, ability and vision. Her intent is to cultivate one’s potential and open new perspectives to allow for endless transformation.

April 14: Monique Michael: has studied and trained for 6 years with Katonah teachers: Nevine Michaan, Abby Galvin and Harriet Schrager in New York, and mentored for 6 years with Jasmine Lieb in Los Angeles, CA.  She has over 1000+hours of professional training and certifications, and is a Certified Katonah Yoga teacher with and E-RYT 500-hour Yoga Alliance Certification. 

May 19: Eva Giorgi: Eva collaborated with Nevine in developing the Katonah Yoga Teacher Training program in which she serves as a mentor for those in training as well as for Katonah Yoga teachers whom compass Nevine’s material globally.

June 16: Nevine Michaan, Founder and creator of Katonah Yoga possesses a gift for teaching the physical and esoteric aspects of yoga. Many consider her a philosopher, a poet; a seer. Her teaching methods are articulated intelligently  with meaning and metaphor. Nevine's practical approach entwines the body, the breath and the imagination. Her unique dialogue and insight is matched by her extraordinary ability to convey and communicate her keen acumen.  

Nevine started a daily practice in NYC with renowned yoga instructor Allan Bateman, in the 1970s. She became fully immersed in what would become her life’s work(s).  She began teaching Yoga in 1980, and founded the Katonah Yoga Center in Katonah, New York in 1986. Nevine continues to teach in her studio in Bedford Hills, NY and to inspire those both near and far, of all ages and backgrounds.



Katonah Yoga®

Katonah Yoga has been developed by Nevine Michaan and her teachers over the last forty years. Synthesizing traditional Hatha yoga, classical taoist theory, mathematics, mythology and metaphor, Katonah Yoga provides a clear yet powerful understanding of “self.” Taught by Certified Katonah Yoga teachers from all over the world, classes feature asana, pranayama and adjustments in a non-competitive and welcoming environment. Katonah Yoga is both spiritually refined and eminently practical. As an egalitarian yoga, it works for novices as well as advanced body workers.