School’s Out / Art’s In

School’s Out / Art’s In
November 4, 11, 28, December 26, 30, 31, January 2
10:00 am – 3:00 pm, drop-in, Ages 3 to 5 with an adult

Looking for creative fun for kids when schools are closed? Teaching artists introduce a different project each day, inspired by our current exhibitions.

T. 11/4 – Origami Samurai Helmet
Try the ancient art of origami to make and decorate samurai helmets

T. 11/11 -- Family Crest Banner
Design a Japanese family crest and use it to decorate a banner

F. 11/28 -- Holiday Cards with a Twist
Create unique holiday cards using Japanese batik techniques

F. 12/26 -- Origami Kimono dolls
Use origami paper to create miniature kimono dolls

T. 12/30 -- Samurai Masks
Construct and decorate fierce samurai masks with colorful papers

W. 12/31 -- Colorful Japanese Hanging Art
Using beads, yarn, and papers, create a fun hanging artwork

Fr. 1/2 – Japanese Printing
Create Japanese designs using cut paper and print them in the style of Ukiyo-E printmaking

Participating children: $5 members, $8 non-members. Adults: Regular museum admission.