Artists' Association

Katonah Museum Artists' Association (KMAA)

The Mission of the KMAA is to develop and enhance an artistic community by providing exhibition opportunities, educational programs, and venues for networking while supporting the activities and exhibitions of the Katonah Museum of Art. 

The KMAA is made up of more than 300 area artists who work in every medium. The KMAA presents an annual juried exhibition off-site, and offers lectures and workshops to its members and as part of the Museum’s public programming. A Featured Artist is showcased during each new Museum exhibition.


Upcoming Exhibition:

KMAA Juried Show
Location: Ridgefield Guild of Artists galleries, Ridgefield, Connecticut Show dates: February 4 - March 4, 2018
Juror: David Allen Dunlop
Opening reception: Sunday, February 4, 1:00-3:00 PM

To view KMAA's Late Winter 2018 newsletter click here.

To see the Spot Lounge Gallery KMAA Featured Artists click here.


KMAA Membership Benefits and FeesThe fee to join the Katonah Museum Artists’ Association is $75 for one adult or $110 for 2 adults (inclusive of seniors; fully tax deductible)*

Artists who join the KMAA receive the following benefits:

  • Core benefits akin to the Katonah Museum of Art’s Individual or 2 Adult/Family memberships
  • A link on the KMAA webpage to your artist website
  • Ongoing exhibition opportunities **
  • Insider tours of artists’ studios
  • Invitations to lectures, workshops, and social events designed for artists
  • KMAA electronic newsletters

*The KMAA membership fee is waived for artists who are members of the KMA at the Curator's Circle level and above, upon request.

**Restrictions and/or additional fees may apply.

Please click here to purchase your KMAA membership. Remember that only the $75 and $110 categories apply.

New KMAA members must submit their artist website URL and valid email address to

If you have questions about the KMAA in general or KMAA membership in particular, please contact Mary Parker at or (914) 243-9472


KMAA Online GalleryWelcome to the KMAA online gallery. Each quarter we feature the art
of one of our members.
For more information about these works or further viewing.  Please click on the links below.

Click here for the artist statement.







 KMAA Member Websites:

 Ilene Africk
Natalya Aikens
Sally Aldrich
Wendy Allen   
Wendy Isler Alvarez
Grace Anderson
Inez Andrucyk
Suzanne Ashley 
Vincent Baldassano
Betty Ball

Deborah Beck
Elysa Belessakos

Joanna S. Astor Bergelson
Theodore Berkowitz
Barbara Borck-Hart
Carol Bouyoucos
Michelle Brewster
Laurene Krasny Brown

Tracy Burtz
Karen Brussat Butler 
James Buxton

Jennifer Cadoff
Denise Petit Caplan
Carol Carpentieri 
Shlomo Cassos
Sharon Cavagnolo
Richard Lang Chandler
Deborah Chodoff
Carol Coldwell
Heidi Lewis Coleman 
Vivien Collens

Susan Smith Compo
Sara Conklin

Leslie Connito
Jane Cooper
Sarah Corbin
Susan Cox
Charles Daviet
Jeanne Demotses
Hilda Green Demsky
Doc Dochtermann
Blanche Dolmatch
Ruth Dombrow
Lori DuBois-Caruso
Mireille Duchesne
Katharine Dufault
Renee Kilbride Edelman
Quincy Egginton
Loren Eiferman
Mary Ellis
Patti Ettinger
Kate Evans
Alanna Fagan
Kathleen Fay
Liz Alpert Fay
Melissa Feinberg

Tatiana Ferraro
Claire Fishman
Eddi Fleming
Ellen Hopkins Fountain
Margaret Fox
Sally Frank
Marcy B. Freedman
Connie Freid
Christine Frisbee

Michele Gage
Wendy Garber
Sarah Glickman

Julia Baldi Goldberg

Eleanor Goldstein

Rima Grad 

Tim Grajek
June Gumbel
Shiela Hale
Rukhshan Haque
Betsy Hoguet
Sheryl Intrator
Wendy Isaacson

Alan Jacobson
Satish Joshi
Karen Kalkstein
Samantha Kaplan
Bernard M. Kessler
Jamie Kilgore
Barbara King
GG Kopilak
Barbara Korman
Lucy Krupenye
Jill Krutick
Linda Kuehne
Helen Kunzman
Corinne Lapin-Cohen
Tatiana Larionova
Ellen Lazarus
Barry James Lent
Annette Lieblein
Linda Lovinger-Siegel
Valerie Lynch
Amanda Lynne
Rita Maas
Cynthia MacCollum
Carol MacDonald
Melissa Mandel
Susan Manspeizer
Juliet Martin
Randy Matusow
Janet McDermott
Edith Brozak McMann

Sandy Meagher

Elizabeth Melting

Jackie Meyers Smith
Creighton Michael
Bernard Mindich
Ron Mineo
John Mucciolo
Cynthia Mullins

Neil Needleman

Helene Ocko
Charles Olson
Kiyoshi Otsuka    
Carole Paley


Heidi Palmer
Mary Tooley Parker
Jill Parry
Helen Pasternack
Luis Perelman
Antonia Pisciotta
Chris Perry
Berenice and Bob Pliskin
John Plunkett
Kathryn Poch
Betsy Podlach
Lorenzo Porcelli
Phil Price
Steven Purtee
Gina Randazzo

Floyd Rappy
Jody Rasch

Patrick Redmond
Mariya Rivera
Julie Rosenberg
Dyan Rosenberg
Dyan Rosenberg Jewelry
Roohi Saleem
Roxanne F. Savage
Debra Schaffer
Lewis Schaffer
Nancy A. Scherl
Christopher Schinkel
Lily Schor
Wendy Shalen
Barbara Shapiro
Beverly Shipko
Alissa Siegal

Arle Sklar-Weinstein
Phyllis Smith
Mary Smoot-Souter

Carol Perron Sommerfield
Cecilia Soprano
James B. Sparks
Jaclyn Spitzer
Judith Steinberg
Florence Suerig

Claudia Suica
Karen Ann Sullivan
Melinda Tepler
Peggy Thomas
Jean Tock
Ruth Kalla Ungerer

Alain Vaes 
Mitchell Visoky
Cheryl Vlachos
Dawn Watson
Lea Weinberg

Greg Weiss
Leslie Weissman
Joyce A. Wenglowski
Joan Wheeler
Rachel White

Linda Winters
Elena Wolfe
Nancy C. Woodward

Alex Zenger
Vivien Zepf 
Katherine Zoephel