Upcoming Exhibitions

Line Describing a Cone: Tri-State Juried Exhibition

In the Beitzel and Righter Galleries
January 18 – February 15, 2015

The definition of space is one of the fundamental features of visual representation in twentieth and twenty-first century art. From the oscillating layers of a Cézanne painting to the deep corridors of depth in a de Chirico work, artists have addressed the elements of three dimensions in various and often competing ways. Using film as light cutting through space, contemporary artist Anthony McCall’s work, Line Describing a Cone (1973) inspires this year’s theme; the piece is spatial and temporary, with light the primary medium giving form to an environment. Artists are invited to explore the meaning of space in their work, using whatever materials and expressive outlets they require. Representing space is but one potential feature; experiencing with works that proclaim their physical relationship to their environment another. Eva Respini, juror.


Chris Larson: The Katonah Relocation Project

In the Sculpture Garden and Project Gallery
March 22 – June 28, 2015

The Katonah Relocation Project is an ambitious architectural project related to Edward Larrabee Barnes. Larson works on a dramatic scale and is known for his aspiring constructions that respond to architectural environments and histories. Using the Katonah Museum of Art’s beautiful Barnes-designed building as a point of departure, Larson will create a large white structure for the sculpture garden inspired by Barnes’ private residence in Mt. Kisco. Towering Norwegian spruce located in the sculpture garden will appear to pierce the building, literally bringing nature into its composition. Visitors will be able to walk inside the full-size structure and explore it from within. It will provide both a dramatic addition and historically related (temporary) addition to the campus. Indoors in the Project Gallery, a full history of the move, an introduction to Larson’s work and an overview of Barnes and his seminal role in modern museum architecture will be shown.


Inside the Outside: Self-Taught Art from the Louis Dreyfus Family Collection

In the Beitzel and Righter Galleries
July 12, 2015 – October 4, 2015