Upcoming Exhibitions

Inside the Outside: Five Self-Taught Artists from The William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation

In the Beitzel and Righter Galleries
July 19, 2015 – October 11, 2015

Over the course of fifty years, William Louis-Dreyfus has collected over 3500 artworks including an important group of unique works by self-taught artists. Louis-Dreyfus's collecting choices have been guided by a keen eye towards a freshness of expression and creative spirit. He was a pioneering collector of many of the artists represented in this show: Thornton Dial, Willie Young, Nellie Mae Rowe, Bill Traylor and James Castle. These artists are bound together by biography: little or no formal art education, born or raised in rural areas, started creating art late in life; and by their inexorable urge to create in response to personal visions as well as to visual stimuli from all aspects of their daily lives. Employing vastly different styles, techniques and materials, the work of these artists pulses with an inner passion and outer vibrancy.

Image Credit

Thornton Dial, The Reservoir (detail), 1990, Oil on Canvas

 Emilie Clark: The Delicacy of Decomposition

In the Project Gallery
July 12, 2015 – September 6, 2015

As part of the larger collaboration exploring the Seven Deadly Sins, this project leverages the idea of Gluttony – a term expressing excessive self-indulgence as well as over-consumption – as a springboard for a special installation by the artist Emilie Clark. This one-person project at the Katonah Museum of Art explores the complex interconnectivity of consumption, waste, decay, and regeneration. Using her family’s preserved food waste – from egg shells to desiccated tangerines to fish heads in a jar, Clark turns our attention to food at its most elemental level. Belied by their waste-based content, Clark’s installations hold a quality of old-world still life paintings. Clark was born and raised in San Francisco and currently works in New York.

Jacob Burns Film Center has planned a week of Deadly SINema, June 23 – 29. Click here for more information.