Exhibitions at a Glance

Exhibitions at the Katonah Museum of Art range from realism to abstraction, from ancient artifacts to cutting edge contemporary, from oil painting to any other material artists employ.  Every few months the Museum is transformed. Within the school year this diverse schedule offers educators and students multiple opportunities to explore visual history and connect their Museum experience to classroom learning. In addition, every year an exhibition of student artwork is displayed throughout the Museum.  


March 29 - June 28, 2015

Chris Larson and the Katonah Relocation Project

Photograph of artist Chris Larson. MPR Photo/Euan Kerr

andA Home for Art: Edward Larrabee Barnes and the KMA
History, art, and architecture come together this spring when multimedia artist and sculptor Chris Larson creates an installation that responds to Katonah's past and present. Larson's inspiration came from the relocation of Katonah in 1893, when its residents came together to move more than 50 of their buildings because of a reservoir project. Using horses and soaped timber tracks, residents moved the town to its current site. The Katonah Museum of Art has also seen relocation - in 1990 it moved from the Katonah Village Library to a daring, new building designed by architect Edward Larabee Barnes.

The Katonah Relocation Project will "relocate" Edward Larabee Barnes' private home from Mount Kisco to the grounds of the KMA. Chris Larson will build a replica of the house at the KMA. In conjunction with this project, the Museum will explore Katonah's unique history, the architectural contributions of Edward Larabee Barnes, and the work of Chris Larson. From this fresh perspective, witness how a town, a museum, and a man reinvent themselves in response to changing times. Through discussion and inquiry, students will be captivated by these intersecting concepts and inspired to think creatively about ideas of home, structure, and communal history.


For information or to book a tour, please contact Margaret Adasko: education@katonahmuseum.org; 914-232-9555, ext. 2985.