Exhibitions at a Glance

Exhibitions at the Katonah Museum of Art range from realism to abstraction, from ancient artifacts to cutting edge contemporary, from oil painting to any other material artists employ.  Every few months the Museum is transformed. Within the school year this diverse schedule offers educators and students multiple opportunities to explore visual history and connect their Museum experience to classroom learning. In addition, every year an exhibition of student artwork is displayed throughout the Museum.  


The Nest, an exhibition of art in nature

March 6 - June 19, 2016

The Nest draws its inspiration from the extraordinary form of the bird's nest, and examines how the fundamental drive to gather, assemble, and create is a function of both nature and the artistic process. Your students will have an opportunity to carefully observe real nests from the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History collection alongside artistic interpretations of the concept of the nest. From large-scale installations to delicate bird-made structures, students will encounter aesthetically surprising and thought-provoking works of art.

This exhibition provides meaningful connections to both classroom and arts curricula. Works in the exhibition relate to the study of habitats, behaviors of birds, themes of spring, and the concept of home. Artworks also offer opportunities for conversations about contemporary art, such as the use of organic versus synthetic materials, strategies of accumulation, conceptual art practice, and the multitude of connections between art and nature.  

Visually compelling and conceptually thoughtful, this exhibition will dynamically engage our student visitors in careful observation, deep critical thinking, evidence-based analysis, and visual literacy. The idea of accumulation and art imitating nature will also be explored in an interactive art-making portion of their visit.

Tour slots are filling quickly. To book your school group tour, please contact  education@katonahmuseum.org.