Learning Center Exhibitions

 Each Learning Center exhibition features original work by a renowned picture-book illustrator.  Past exhibitions have featured Eric Carle, Jerry Pinkney, Giselle Potter, Peter Sís, William Wegman, and Ed Young, to name a few.  Once a year we also present children’s art from our member schools

Icelandic Tales Illustrated by Gunnella

Gunnella, “Everything the ladies did, the chickens did too,” from The Problem with Chickens, by Bruce McMillan [Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 2005]. Oil on canvas. © Gunnella, 2005.



June 29 – September 28
In the Learning Center
Vibrant illustrations and hilarious stories delight visitors young and old in the Learning Center. Icelandic artist Gunnella presents buxom ladies and beguiling animals, who frolic through an Icelandic homeland filled with strong winds, steep cliffs, and unique challenges. These lighthearted tales are painted in a bold folk-art style that is full of fun and silliness.


Suki Meets Three Samurai Cats

Stéphane Jorish, from Suki’s Kimono, by Chieri Uegaki [Kids Can Press, Toronto, 2003]. Watercolor on paper. © Stéphane Jorish, 2003.

Mordicai Gerstein, from Three Samurai Cats, by Eric A. Kimmel [Holiday House, New York, 2003]. Watercolor on paper. © Mordicai Gerstein, 2003.



 October 12, 2014 –
January 4, 2015
In the Learning Center
Jump into a world where a lovely, little kimono can charm a roomful of children and silly, samurai cats can battle a big, fat rat. The original illustrations for two charming picture books highlight familiar Japanese traditions in the Learning Center this fall. Stéphane Jorish’s gentle watercolors for Suki’s Kimono have garnered crictical acclaim. And the anime-inspired drawings by Mordicai Gerstein energize the story told in Three Samurai Cats.