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The Learning Center transforms seasonally with new projects and materials that extend, expand,
and deepen the gallery experience. Come see what the fun is all about!
NEW ART LABELS FOR KIDS!!! The KMA introduces eye-level labels explaining art to kids in a fun, understandable way. Bring your child into the galleries and interpret the materials of art together. Also, pick up a themed interactive ImagineIt! bag to use around the KMA campus.

Process Lab: Exploring Islamic Visual Traditions In the Learning Center
February 25 – June 17, 2018

Visit KMA’s hands-on family friendly Learning Center that changes with each exhibition. This spring discover the fascinating world of Islamic visual traditions. See examples of miniature painting, calligraphy, geometric patterning, architecture, and textiles, the art forms that inspire the contemporary artists in Long, Winding Journeys: Contemporary Art and the Islamic Tradition. Try your hand at these artistic practices and contribute to a collaborative geometric mosaic installation.