Miniature Worlds

'Miniature Worlds: Joseph Cornell, Ray Johnson, Yayoi Kusama' explores the friendships between Joseph Cornell and two pioneering artists—Ray Johnson and Yayoi Kusama—and brings their works together for the first time. By delving into the visual conversations, deep resonances, and shared sensibilities that emerged from these two relationships, the exhibition offers a rare snapshot of the role social networks and sociality play in the process of artmaking.Buy Tickets

The Rothko Room

Experience a single masterpiece in a room designed for individual reflection. 'Untitled' (1969) will be the fifth and final painting by Mark Rothko presented by the KMA as part of The Rothko Room series.Buy Tickets

John O'Reilly: Studio Visitations

The intricate Polaroid montages of John O’Reilly (1930-2021) are both deeply personal self-portraits and meditations on sexuality, history, and aesthetic pleasure. Within these scenes, O’Reilly plays the role of art historical time traveler, visiting the workshops of famous artists and mingling with figures from well-known works of art.Buy Tickets

Visual Conversations: An Assemblage Studio

The Learning Center is transformed into an Assemblage Studio with a wide range of collected art materials and intriguing activities.View Visual Conversations: An Assemblage Studio

Jungle Fool

Jungle Fool, a large outdoor sculpture, is featured within the Haas Brothers' exhibition, Constant Carnival: The Haas Brothers in Context and stands almost 8 feet tall.Learn More

Manolo Valdés

Spanish artist Manolo Valdés's work engages with the legacy of the Old Masters—in particular, Francisco de Goya, Diego Velazquez, and other towering figures of Spanish art history.Learn More