The KMA Logo

At the Katonah Museum of Art, we welcome you to discover visual art in a setting that provokes thought and joy. Our exhibitions and events are curated in pursuit of deeper conversations, meaningful experiences, and a closer community.

Our brand is more than just our name and logo — it encompasses all the ways that we present ourselves as an organization and team. It’s the quality of our programs, the tone of our interactions with visitors and the community, and the look and feel of our communications. These aspects, along with others, merge together to express who we are, what we do, and what we value.

The KMA logo serves as an example for the tone, aesthetic, and values of the entire brand. Setting guidelines ensures that the logo is used properly and as intended. Sending a consistent and controlled message of who we are is essential to presenting a strong, unified image of the Museum. The logo and identifying elements, are valuable assets and should be treated respectfully.

Logo Variations

The primary logo is the main identifier for the Katonah Museum of Art. Please maintain our brand identity by using this logo as it has been created.

  • The logo should always appear at a size that maintains the legibility and integrity of the lettering.
  • The logo should not appear more than once per page of a communication piece.
  • The logo should appear with adequate spacing on all sides.
  • If the logo is to be displayed on a non-white background, the alternate logo should be used.
  • The logo should appear on a white background whenever possible.

Note: The logo cannot be altered, modified, or separated in any way. In specific instances, the diamond can become a graphic element when used in conjunction with the Museum’s logo. But neither the diamond nor the wordmark can be used as individual, stand-alone elements.

Primary Logo

kma logo red and black one line

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