There Is A Body: Legacy of the Ancestral Arts in the 21st Century

The Katonah Museum of Art presents There Is A Body: Legacy of the Ancestral Arts in the 21st Century.Get Tickets

Stellar Reverberations: African Masks in Outer Space

Artist Damien Davis takes over The Pollack Family Learning Center with a site-specific installation that explores the interplay between cultural heritage and the boundless cosmos. Davis’s tactile, kinetic artworks are featured alongside projects and activities that invite young visitors to reflect upon themselves, their heritage, and imagined futures.Get Tickets

Young Artists 2024

The work of high school seniors from 43 local schools is featured in this annual exhibition. Students take an active role in producing the exhibition as they help to promote, curate, and install the nearly 400 artworks on view.View Young Artists 2024

An Ode to Textiles: Poetry and Art

View artworks and poetry created as part of Thinking Through the Arts and Building Bridges: Prison Arts Initiative, two KMA community partnership programs led by Writer in Residence Pamela Hart.View An Ode to Textiles: Poetry and Art

Stories of Syria's Textiles

Stories of Syria’s Textiles: Art and Heritage across Two Millennia highlights textiles’ outstanding contributions to Syrian culture during antiquity and the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as today. The exhibition features new scholarship from archaeologists, textile conservators, art historians, and heritage professionals and draws upon the knowledge of silk producers, weavers, and other artisans. Twelve years after the conflict in Syria began in 2011, Stories of Syria’s Textiles also underscores efforts to document, preserve, and revitalize Syrian textile heritage.Learn more

Rhonda Khalifeh: Immortal Stitch

Experience a unique fabric installation and experiment with various textile arts activities in the Pollack Family Learning Center.Learn More

Wu Chi-Tsung: Synchronicity

The Katonah Museum of Art presents Wu Chi-Tsung: Synchronicity, the innovative Taiwanese artist's first solo museum exhibition.Learn More

The Bluest of Blues

Original art from the enchanting picture book The Bluest of Blues, written and illustrated by Fiona Robinson, will be on view in the Learning Center.View The Bluest of Blues

Miniature Worlds

'Miniature Worlds: Joseph Cornell, Ray Johnson, Yayoi Kusama' explores the friendships between Joseph Cornell and two pioneering artists—Ray Johnson and Yayoi Kusama—and brings their works together for the first time. By delving into the visual conversations, deep resonances, and shared sensibilities that emerged from these two relationships, the exhibition offers a rare snapshot of the role social networks and sociality play in the process of artmaking.Buy Tickets

The Rothko Room

Experience a single masterpiece in a room designed for individual reflection. 'Untitled' (1969) will be the fifth and final painting by Mark Rothko presented by the KMA as part of The Rothko Room series.Buy Tickets

John O'Reilly: Studio Visitations

The intricate Polaroid montages of John O’Reilly (1930-2021) are both deeply personal self-portraits and meditations on sexuality, history, and aesthetic pleasure. Within these scenes, O’Reilly plays the role of art historical time traveler, visiting the workshops of famous artists and mingling with figures from well-known works of art.Buy Tickets

Visual Conversations: An Assemblage Studio

The Learning Center is transformed into an Assemblage Studio with a wide range of collected art materials and intriguing activities.View Visual Conversations: An Assemblage Studio

Manolo Valdés

Spanish artist Manolo Valdés's work engages with the legacy of the Old Masters—in particular, Francisco de Goya, Diego Velazquez, and other towering figures of Spanish art history.Learn More

Jungle Fool

Jungle Fool, a large outdoor sculpture, is featured within the Haas Brothers' exhibition, Constant Carnival: The Haas Brothers in Context and stands almost 8 feet tall.Learn More

Young Artists 2023

February 5 - 26, 2023Celebrating 40 years at the KMA, 'Young Artists 2023' features the work of local high school artists who take part in all aspects of its curation, installation, and marketing efforts to produce this perennially favorite exhibition. The works range in scale, concept, media, and process, reflecting the diversity of expression in the region’s young artists.View Young Artists 2023

Thinking Through the Arts

February 5 - 26, 2023On view in the Learning Center will be artwork and poems from two KMA outreach programs.View Thinking Through the Arts

Tenacity & Resilience: The Art of Jerry Pinkney

Honoring the work of Jerry Pinkney—master watercolorist, draftsman, and storyteller—Tenacity & Resilience: The Art of Jerry Pinkney features more than seventy illustrations, dummy books, and working drawings from nine children’s books from 1993 to 2020.Learn More

A Sense of Community: Celebrating Jerry Pinkney's Legacy

In the KMA’s Spot Gallery and Pollack Family Learning Center, A Sense of Community: Celebrating Jerry Pinkney’s Legacy explores Pinkney’s role as a mentor to, and model for, artists and illustrators of color.Learn More

Tradition Interrupted

Tradition Interrupted is an international group exhibition that explores the methods used by artists to conflate contemporary ideas with traditional arts and crafts in a range of media, from rugs and mosaics to metalwork and ceramics. The eleven artists in the exhibition hail from around the world.Learn More

Remy Jungerman

Remy Jungerman: Higher Ground will focus on recent works by Suriname-born Dutch artist Remy Jungerman (b. 1959), who lives and works in Amsterdam and New York. The exhibition includes a selection from Jungerman’s three major bodies of work: wall-hung or free-standing three-dimensional assemblages (which the artist calls “horizontals” and “verticals”), stacked “cubes,” and fabric-covered “panels.” Through these self-imposed formal constraints, as well as a limited vocabulary of carefully-chosen materials, Jungerman explores connections between pattern and symbol in Surinamese Maroon culture and European “modernism.”Learn More

The Rothko Room

Experience a single masterpiece—the fourth in an ongoing series—by abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko in a space designed for individual reflection.Learn More

Jeila Gueramian: Let's Step Inside

In the Learning Center you will experience a magical environment full of whimsical creatures and surprising elements hand-crafted from recycled textiles.Learn More

Natural Synergy

Natural Synergy brings together Carol Bouyoucos and Antoinette Wysocki, two artists whose layered imagery balances chance and control, representation and abstraction, all the while inviting a myriad of interpretations. Their collLearn More

Elena Grajek: Overdramatic

Elena Grajek’s works play with pareidolia, the human tendency to see an object or meaning where there is none. While her depictions of people and animals are deceptively simple, her complex compositions suggest relationships and tensions among these characters.Learn More

Young Artists 2022

February 6 - 27, 2022Learn More

American Stories: An exhibition of poems inspired by ARRIVALS

February 6 - 27, 2022Using artworks from the ARRIVALS exhibition as inspiration, participants poems and collages are on view in the Learning Center.Learn More


Curated by Heather Ewing, ARRIVALS looks at how artists over time have explored some of the myths and narratives around what it means to be American and features more than 50 works spanning the 16th century to the present.Learn More

Picture Our Journey

This Learning Center exhibition features artworks from eight poignant books that explore different topics related to immigration.Learn More

The Rothko Room

Learn More

Crossing the Border: Beneath the Blue Sky

Learn More

Border Fandango

Learn More


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Still / Live

Learn More

Bisa Butler: Portraits

Learn More

Sparkling Amazons

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Rotem Reshef: Arcadia

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Ronald Bladen

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Michele Oka Doner

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The Edge Effect

The Edge Effect describes an ecological phenomenon in the border area between disparate habitats, such as a meadow and a forest, which results in exponentially greater biodiversity. Learn More


The landscape has been an independent subject for painting since the Renaissance, yet it was not until the late 19th century that the genre was transformed, removing it from its low pedestal in the hierarchy of the academies and elevating it to a worthy theme in its own right. Learn More

Outrageous Ornament

Jewelry in one form or another has been around since the beginning of time.Learn More

Play & Rewind

The exhibition featured works that incorporate methods of layering and collaging to produce imagery with non-linear narratives that unfold quixotically like a palimpsest—images that build atop one another and leave faint traces of what came before. Learn More


July 1 - 29, 2018In the post-modern era, personal expression has been dismissed as an outmoded or trite directive for art-making; but within the current cultural moment, the capacity for personal expression feels both imperative and precarious.Learn More

Long, Winding Journeys

Long, Winding Journeys: Contemporary Art and the Islamic Tradition presented a focused look at a group of artists of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent whose work engages the diverse forms of Islamic visual tradition to explore religion, culture, and socio-political issues today.Learn More

Object Out Loud

Incorporating work that is fundamentally sculptural and often political, the exhibition asserted the power of artists to transform everyday materials into symbolic relics replete with information and symbolism.Learn More